If you’re suffering from lymphedema, Compression Plus can help you manage the swelling and reclaim your wellness with top quality, fitted compression garments.

Venous Insufficiency

Circulatory health is important, but maintaining it can prove difficult with a vein disorder. Compression apparel works to greatly improve your blood flow.

Athletic Compression

Whether you’re training for a marathon or playing tennis with friends, compression wear can improve circulation and help you perform better at sports.

Burn Scar Compression

Healing from a severe burn can be a painful process and may leave scars. Reduce your discomfort and minimize scarring with compression wear.

How Can Compression Plus Help You?

Buy compression wear in Hoover, AL for healing and performance

Compression Plus is a Hoover, Alabama company that’s devoted to helping you feel better, heal better, and perform better through the proven health benefits of compression garments. These can help with a range of issues, such as lymphedema, burn scars, or even athletic compression support.

You’ll find a huge selection of compression apparel

Come to Compression Plus in Hoover, AL for compression apparel from a number of top manufacturers, including:

• Circaid
• Farrow
• Josq
• JoViPak
• Juzo
• Lohmann & Rauscher
• Lymphediva
• Mediven
• Everlast
• Biacare
• Therafirm
• Zensah

You’ll benefit from trained, professional fitting

The team at Compression Plus knows compression apparel inside and out. Let us help you with a custom fit for maximum effectiveness. And if you’re elderly or handicapped, don't worry – we’ll come to you!

You’ll get compression wear know-how

Knowledge is power, so it’s important to know how to wear your new compression apparel properly. You can trust our years of experience helping customers of every age and size to use compression garments for better healing and improved performance.

Don’t wait another day to feel your best. Call Compression Plus at (205) 637-7771 to schedule a fitting for custom compression garments in Hoover, AL.

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