Are You Ready for Lymphedema Relief?

Are You Ready for Lymphedema Relief?

Get lymphedema compression garments in Hoover, AL

Are you suffering from the health condition known as lymphedema? Brought on by an abnormal collection of high protein fluids just beneath the skin, lymphedema can cause swelling in certain areas of the body including the breasts, head, neck and torso.

At Compression Plus, we know how debilitating and painful this condition can be, and we’re committed to helping you.

Find the relief you need through compression

Compression is a doctor and therapist-recommended treatment for managing the swelling associated with lymphedema. Compression Plus offers clients in Hoover, Alabama relief through:

• Compression sleeves
• Compression socks
• Compression stockings
• Nighttime compression garments
Bio compression pump therapy through our local partner

Continue your breast cancer healing

Lymphedema is often triggered by breast cancer radiation treatments. At Compression Plus, we understand you’ve already come a long way on your healing journey, and we want to partner with you to keep it going. Call us at (205) 637-7771 to schedule a fitting for lymphedema compression apparel in Hoover, AL.